Contemplative Thoughts and Answered Prayers

As those who read this blog regularly know, I recently made a huge move and life change from New York City, one of the major metropolitan areas of the world, to a small town in Northern California, predominantly known for a mega-church. I am still not sure how I knew for certain that I should move here, and quite honestly, I do not think I knew definitively at all.

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Farewell, New York!

It’s finally happening. After seven wonderful years in New York City, I’m moving on out! Not only am I moving, but I’m moving in 24 days! Twenty. Four. Days. 24 days left in a city that has in part molded me into who I am today. This means that I have to make sure I fit in as many quintessential NY activities as I can before I say “see you later”.

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Letting Go, Trusting God with a Major Move

I’ve lived on the East Coast forever. My biggest move thus far was moving fifteen minutes away from my hometown to move to New York City. It was an amazing move and it has lasted seven years. Seven wonderful, action-packed years. Thus, it is particularly strange for me to decide to move cross-country, without a job in place, to be able to attend a church. Yes, that’s right. I want to move from New York to a small town in Northern California for a church. I don’t have a job in place. There are barely any jobs there. I don’t know what the details will look like. But I’m going on the faith I have in God’s guidance.

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