Contemplative Thoughts and Answered Prayers

As those who read this blog regularly know, I recently made a huge move and life change from New York City, one of the major metropolitan areas of the world, to a small town in Northern California, predominantly known for a mega-church. I am still not sure how I knew for certain that I should move here, and quite honestly, I do not think I knew definitively at all.

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Seeking God First, All Else Follows

During one’s journey with God, there are times when one receives insight from God regarding one’s life purpose or destiny. These insights may come from God directly, from God through others, visions, dreams, coincidences, passions of one’s heart, and various other methods.

Receiving such words from God is of course exciting and encouraging, knowing you are so loved by God and that he has big plans for you. Once receiving such words, though, it is common to wonder just how these seemingly lofty and perhaps intimidating goals are achieved. Continue reading Seeking God First, All Else Follows

Forever Thankful, Forever Changed

My friend runs over to me during worship and says, “I just want you to know he loves you and is mending your heart.” I, slightly confused and unaware replied, “Who’s he?” Not a second later, I followed the statement up by saying, “…Jesus?” My friend nodded, looking as if it was the most obvious declaration ever stated. In that moment, I turned back around to face the worship band, and started uncontrollably crying. “Me?” “You know me, Jesus?” “Not only do you know me, but you love me?”

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