Do You Know How Loved You Truly Are?

Do you know how loved you truly are? How deeply, unconditionally, and endlessly loved you are? How important you are in this world? How much you truly matter? How deeply your presence in this world is affecting history? Don’t you see it? How amazingly special and valuable you are?

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Power versus Presence

There are times when we have to choose whether it is truly God we want, or if we want all of the blessings that come with knowing God. What are we after? Is it power in whatever we’re pursuing? Or is it God’s deep and unending presence? I’d like to propose that having power without God’s presence is having nothing at all, is having complete emptiness and destitution.

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Seeking God First, All Else Follows

During one’s journey with God, there are times when one receives insight from God regarding one’s life purpose or destiny. These insights may come from God directly, from God through others, visions, dreams, coincidences, passions of one’s heart, and various other methods.

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